Consideration for others and respect

“Fong was a very considerate person and wanted to keep everything low-key. She insisted that we not make an announcement until after the funeral was over. We hope fans will understand why we chose to handle the matter in this way.” said her lawyer Chiang Yen-wei (江燕偉).

Fong Fei-fei used to be nicknamed as “hat diva” as she liked to wear hats on stage.

(Photo of Teresa Teng and Fong Fei Fei)

Throughout her decades-long career, Fong Fei-fei produced more than 80 albums and held numerous sold-out concerts at home and abroad, particularly in countries with a large Chinese-speaking population.

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Officialdom seeks ways to honor the late Fong Fei-fei

Fong’s death from lung cancer in Hong Kong on Jan. 3 was belatedly announced on Monday. Her lawyer said he had complied with the singer’s wishes, since she did not want to interfere with the festive Lunar New Year celebrations, which began on Jan. 23.

The 58-year-old singer, who had a prolific career, left a host of classic songs behind, including I’m a Cloud (我是一片雲), When I Hear Your Applause (掌聲響起) and Chasing Dreams (奇妙的夢想).

Government Information Office Minister Philip Yang (楊永明) said his office had contacted people in music and entertainment circles and promised full support if they wanted to stage memorial events for Fong.

Staff at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport said they admired the singer’s posthumous low-key style.

They said that when Fong’s son brought his mother’s ashes back to Taiwan from Hong Kong on Saturday, no one noticed because Fong’s real name was Lin Chiu-luan (林秋鸞).

One airport worker said she was sad and surprised, but also lauded Fong for having been so considerate to others and for not wanting to disturb them even after her death.

Even Fong’s brother and many of her relatives in Taipei and her birthplace, Dasi Township (大溪) in Taoyuan County, did not know of her death until Monday.

The mayor of Dasi Township said he hoped to apply to the Taoyuan County Government to set up a “Fong Fei-fei Memorial Hall.”

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