Bamboo culture, plans for March and April

For the Chinese, bamboo is an important symbol to hold on to when facing tough situations.

For me, overcoming tough life situations is more workable when there is support for each other to come out better.

Breaking one piece of bamboo is easy. But breaking a bunch of bamboo tied together is very daunting task.

For example, at school level, if a student feels ignored or financial difficulty hits the family, he/she will find it a hard struggle to understand life or focus on academic achievement. Many failed to even get an SPM certificate. One can hear many sad stories of dropouts and the difficulties they face in life career. Like one piece of bamboo, he/she is prone to be breakable.

This made me think: how to give our students better support so that they can achieve their certificates more proactively.

So I planned for mid of March, there will be a programme ‘Bantuan Pelajar Miskin’ for a shortlisted sekolah rendah. Initially 20 students will be given aid of RM100 each to support their study needs. A review of their academic progress will be held every 6 months with their teacher’s feedback.

Another programme is planned for mid April for 120 students in Form 5 (Arts/Science streams) to support their study needs to achieve their SPM certificates.

What do you think of the programme?


About Gan Meng Foo (颜明富)

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