Perhatian kepada pemandu kenderaan di SS15, SS16, USJ9 dan USJ10 Taipan

Sila maklum MPSJ akan menguatkuasa mengapit roda dan menunda kenderaan-kenderaan yang didapati diletakkan secara ‘illegal parking’ di kawasan komersil Taipan mulai dari Isnin ini.

Berikut berita dipetik dari The Star.

MPSJ to start clamping vehicles in commercial areas

THE Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) will start clamping illegally parked cars at four commercial areas starting Monday.

MPSJ president Datuk Asmawi Kasbi said that they currently have 12 clamps and will start the operation at SS15, SS16, USJ9 and USJ10 Taipan because of the rampant illegal parking in these places.

“Cars which double-park or park illegally along the yellow line at the main entrances into the commercial area will be clamped. For cars illegally parked within the commercial areas, we will continue using the lock summons on side mirrors,” Asmawi told reporters after the monthly full board meeting at the MPSJ headquarters.
Practical move: Asmawi (right) being shown how the car clamp works.

Cars that were not moved within four hours of being clamped will be towed. Car owners have to pay a compound of RM80 if their cars are clamped and from RM170 to RM230, depending on the offence, if their cars are towed.

“We will have officers stationed at the area but owners have to pay their compounds at the MPSJ headquarters before they can collect their car,” he said.

The council is currently leasing six tow trucks and Asmawi said that they were currently looking into purchasing two trucks.

“We will be putting out a tender for the two vehicles and we expect to purchase them by August. We will also look into purchasing more clamps if the need arises,” he said.

For now, Asmawi said it was more cost-efficient to clamp illegally parked cars than to tow them.

“We pay a fee of RM80 to the contractors for each car towed,” he said.


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