BN Dun Subang Jaya candidate confident of winning

SUBANG JAYA, APRIL 19, 2013: INSTILLING civic consciousness in his quest to provide better quality of life, reduce crime and finding a solution to traffic congestion will be the main thrust of Barisan National candidate for Subang Jaya State seat (N31) Gan Meng Foo.

Gan said if given the mandate, he would start with focusing on cleaning up Subang Jaya by developing education and awareness programmes targeted at traders and food operators on the need to clean up their premises and maintaining it.

His campaign will rest on Civic Consciousness – Working in Unity, Peace & Harmony. Dedicated to a Better Subang Jaya.


read the full article from SJ Echo:


About Gan Meng Foo (颜明富)

Generation X-er for Malaysia: Yes to National Spirit, Acceptance, Social Justice

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  1. CIVIC consciousness not CIVIL consciousness

    Check out the spelling mistakes in your banners…..

  2. Saturday, 27 April 2013, 12:31:13 MYT

    Until today why there is no BN flags installed along Jalan Aman, USJ21, Subang Jaya? DAP already installed thiei flags.I’ve spoken to Amran Ahmad, he said nobody contacted him regarding this matter [c.c. Lee You Hin]

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